Become a Distributor

SETINO is open for new distributors if the region is not covered with an exclusive distributor.  SETINO brand is a worldwidely registered brand including US, Southern America, Asia, Middle East countries etc. 

Become a distributor of SETINO will benefit from 

  • no worries with production.  we take care of it with our oversea team. 
  • no worries with quality.  we check the shipment with our quality control team. 
  • no worries with Moq.  we prepare the assortment for your convienence.
  • no worries with deliveries. we will work with world famous logistic partners to delivery the goods to your warehouse. 
  • no worries with finance. just need to apply the trade insurance. 
  • no worries with any risks. we refund the trial orders, exchange the unsold sizes, we let our distributors to focus on sales only.

Feel free to contact us at